A Murmuration

Thanks to MysticVixen I came across this extraordinary piece of film. For the first few seconds I couldn’t see what all the commentators were raving about, and then… well, have a look for yourselves. Extraordinary. I wish I’d been there.

Murmuration from Sophie Windsor Clive on Vimeo.


On an Acoustic Whim

Today I went off in the wonderful sunshine to see the Acoustic Guitarist of the Year Finals 2011 at the South Bank. It seemed a good way to spend a lunchtime and for the bargain price of only £3. This is the guitarist who won, with the song that quite rightly earned him the title. He was excellent.

Heard in the check-out queue

The woman in front of me at the check out said to the cashier, ‘This is a replacement broccoli’, and brandished a large head of broccoli florets. The cashier nodded knowingly.

Whatever could have happened to that first broccoli batch to bring about the need of a free replacement?

I will never know, but this link on the cancer-protecting benefits of broccoli seemed quite interesting. I borrowed the picture from here so I’ll make a donation to the excellent Macmillan Cancer Support in lieu of picture fees and hope that’s OK with the website.

Setting the tone for the New Year ahead – much more fun!

This should definitely be a feature on the London Underground. We’d arrive at our destinations in such a good mood. Roll on 2011 and much, much more fun than 2010.

Many thanks to the Going Underground blog for leading me to this. It made me laugh.

Nice jumper…

These are here for the knitting. Of course.

Seen giant size on the tube, on the southbound Piccadilly Line platform at Leicester Square.

Yes, I admit it. I laughed. A lot.

There was some other beef in the advert but it detracted from the knitting.