When bad things happen to good socks

hole, Charade! , originally uploaded by GreenPea6.

My favourite Charade socks in Skein Queen Cashmerino – whole no more. Hole instead.

Since it’s turned a bit chilly at night here and what with one thing and another sleep could do with a bit of a helping hand (foot) at the moment, I wore these socks to bed. I have no idea what I was doing in the night – dreaming of kick boxing? running an imaginary sock-footed marathon? – but I woke up to find the bed dotted with bits of coloured wool and a large hole and a cold heel.

Some serious darning will be needed. If I can find the tiny bit of the SQ Cashmerino I had left over. If not, inventiveness will be required.


2 thoughts on “When bad things happen to good socks

  1. This is a tragedy! Sometimes with yarns that don’t contain nylon, you need to reinforce the heel. It must’ve been that marathon you were running during the night! Have you got any of the yarn left?

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