The Glue That Sticks

If, unavoidably, this is what Sunday afternoon holds, in spite of the wonderful Indian Summer sunshine outdoors,

and you would much rather be making something with this

(Fleece Artist DK Organic Wool in Sugar Plum)

or with this

(Fleece Artist Merino 2/6 sock yarn in Ruby Red)

then I strongly recommend listening to The South African Gospel Singers and the sounds of Pinise Saul, Lucky Ranku and colleagues. They provide just the right mixture of enthusiasm, poignancy and addictive rhythm to glue me to the desk when I’d rather be dabbling with wool.

The wool is from yesterday’s Open House Knitting Tea Party held most graciously by Purlescence. There were cakes and wool and buttons.


2 thoughts on “The Glue That Sticks

  1. Ah, if you like that music, then next time you come around I must introduce you to some more lovely South African sounds…Was lovely to meet you! Thanks for the delicious brownies. Armin went off to work tonight with one of the tubs, that’ll make his looong night shift go by much faster. 🙂

  2. Whilst I have nothing of interest or apositeness to say about the post, I am slightly dismayed at the lack of frequency of posting, and thought I’d comment also because I by default don’t allow G analytics to register me so if I didn’t you wouldn’t know I came by!

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