Vintage scarf

I know this has already appeared on ravelry, but it is one of those projects that became addictive and which lingered in the mind as it raced off the needles.

A 70th birthday present for someone I’ve known most of my life, it was a gamble in case purple was not a favourite colour and lace a disliked texture. However, it went down well, which is not so surprising as the yarn is a fantastic mixture of silk and cashmere.

I chose an original pattern from, I think, the 1930s. I have a large collection of vintage patterns, waiting to be used and adapted for modern life. This one required no adaptation, just blocking and wondering if it might have been published the year its recipient was born. That would have been a neat coincidence indeed.

The yarn came as a transatlantic gift of great generosity, delivered one rainy Sunday afternoon to me, a complete stranger except for some emails. We should have been out looking at pelicans in St James’s Park but instead talked about knitting and New England over a cup of English tea.

Yarn: Jade Sapphire Cashmere-Silk 2-ply, vintage rose colourway (perhaps); 1 skein

Needles: 3.0 mm
Adapted from ‘Two-Colour Scarf’ in vintage “2 oz Woollie Book”, cost 1 shilling, Weldon’s leaflet no. 364, probably 1930s.

If you aren’t on ravelry and would like the pattern instructions, do let me know. I’m sure copyright has now lapsed.


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