Galway Souvenirs

Loch Corrib, Connemara


Galway was a brisk mixture of alternating sunshine, rainbows, scudding clouds, rain – and hardly any people. I so wanted to go on the boat trip around Loch Corrib, stopping at the village of Cong and some islands, but I failed to persuade the captain that I could clone myself into the minimum twelve people required for a sailing. Instead I leant almost perpendicular into the whirling wind at the end of the pier before walking back into Oughterard and along the country lanes.

Connemara, scenic road Loch Corrib

In Galway City I sheltered from the rain in a haberdasher’s, and found some buttons. Now all I need to do is make the cardigans to go with the buttons.

Galway buttons

people buttons, Galway


2 thoughts on “Galway Souvenirs

  1. Since I’m currently in search of the perfect buttons for a baby cardigan, I’m envious of the buttons you found on your vacation! They’re lovely!

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