There comes a moment in conversations when I ‘confess’ to my big secret.

In the last few days I have found myself revealing to two separate people that I knit.

Conversation 1:

Man 1: ‘You knit?….’ [man physically recoils in his seat, and scrunches up his face]…’Do you have cats?’

Me: ‘No… why?’

Man 1: ‘Well, it goes with the image, doesn’t it?’
[if it’s possible for anyone to recoil right out of the room, at this point he would have done.]

Conversation 2:

Man 2: ‘That ball of wool… do you knit, or is it a plaything for a mischievous cat?’

Me: ‘It’s mine… I like knitting.’

Man 2: ‘Really? … Mm. I can imagine you reclining on a chaise longue, with wool running through your toes…’

Now that’s more like it.


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