A Murmuration

Thanks to MysticVixen I came across this extraordinary piece of film. For the first few seconds I couldn’t see what all the commentators were raving about, and then… well, have a look for yourselves. Extraordinary. I wish I’d been there.

Murmuration from Sophie Windsor Clive on Vimeo.


Coming soon… American Adventure

So, I went to America, to knit, to talk, to wander, to squidge wool, and to watch a whale. The full account is germinating, while pesky work deadlines pile up.

In the meantime, a glimpse of Squam Lake, and the view from my cabin.


Overheard at the cinema box office:

Very refined elderly lady to box office assistant: “One senior citizen for easy virtue, please.”

Ha. I laughed. Discreetly.

I believe this might have had something to do with it.

Maya So-Called Scarf

It is at last properly cold. It’s not that I like only cold weather, but, as a knitter, it’s important to have the proper weather for woolly wear. Bright, sunny days of swirling leaves and brisk wind are excellent for wandering around the city in a big scarf.

Maya So-Called Scarf

DSC02594Maya So-Called Scarf

This is My So-Called Scarf, now in its second season. It’s wearing quite well, developing a bit of a bloom, but then I rather like it like that. I realise that the rough cast-on/cast-off edges would not appeal to a perfectionist knitter but I rather like those as well. The important thing about this scarf, apart from the subtle variations in colour in the Debbie Bliss Maya yarn, is that it is BIG, big enough to mean that I escape that sliver of cold neck between coat collar and scarf that is so often the bane of skinny scarves.

So-Called Scarf in Maya
In progress last year…

Pattern: My So-Called Scarf by Allison Isaacs on Imagiknit
[Ravelry link]
Yarn: Debbie Bliss Maya; 3 skeins (I think)

Needles: 7.0 mm
Modifications: not finishing the hems properly…


I did buy the toilet seat yesterday, after all.

I have just tripped over it in its box. I may have broken my toe.

That’ll teach me to rush around all excited about vintage 2-ply botany wool, Kidsilk Haze and fairy crochet hooks.